"Every now and then, a product comes along which is so simple and effective that you wonder why nobody has thought of it before! I was lucky enough to be sent a free sample of such a product recently, and had to try it out straight away. It is called "WebVase", and is a stretchy natural latex "web", almost invisible in use, which clips on to the rim of your vase, and you can then arrange your flowers straight in to the vase and achieve great results without the flowers flopping all over the place! There are six clips provided, and it will fit onto virtually any shaped vase, and can be cut down to size if you are using a small-necked vase. I've used a glass vase, with a layer of decorative glass nuggets in the bottom for a bit of added interest. A mixture of flowers and foliage has been arranged into the vase, and by cutting them to the right length, a nice shape has been achieved, with the help of the WebVase. So despair not - now you can arrange that bunch of flowers you were bought and make them look like a million dollars!"

Chrissie Harten 2006 'The Gardener'